The Enterprise UX 2017 program focuses on four themes that tell the story of enterprise UX, sandwiched by inspiring keynotes and punctuated by an enterprise UX storytelling session.

Theme 1: Crafting Enterprise Experiences

The enterprise setting forces us to redefine what “good” design means. We’ll explore how unique factors like complexity, scale, and lack of control can impact our craft and completely change our expectations.

Theme #1 will be led by Theresa Neil (Strategy + Design), with presentations by Robert Reimann (PatientsLikeMe), Craig Villamor (AppDynamics), and Tricia Wang (Constellate Data).

Theme 2: Leading Teams that Execute

Design leaders need to do more than hire, train, and mentor great craftspeople. They must get people to work together as an interdisciplinary team, bound by a shared vision of what a successful enterprise experience can be. We’ll explore how successful enterprise UX teams work to create, own, and execute their visions.

Theme #2 will be led by Phillip Hunter (Amazon), with presentations by Gretchen Anderson (Pacific Gas & Electric), Kim Lenox (LinkedIn), and Peter Merholz (Snagajob).

Theme 3: Transcending Silos

Our work impacts other partners within our organizations, and our success depends on them as much as vice versa. To operationalize UX throughout the enterprise, you’ll need to have tough conversations with stakeholders in HR, IT, and other critical areas. We’ll explore ways to collaborate across silos, set expectations, establish shared goals, and raise the value of design throughout the enterprise.

Theme #3 will be led by Toby Haug (SAP), with presentations by Ariel Kennan (Director, Design and Product, NYC Mayor’s Office Center for Economic Opportunity), Mark Interrante (formerly Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), and Ross Smith (Microsoft).

Theme 4: Creating a Legacy

What factors ensure the growth and sustainability of enterprise UX—or indicate trouble ahead? How can we inoculate ourselves against factors that kill enterprise UX teams and practices? How do we craft a multi-decade vision for ourselves and our organization that inspires followership, and undying respect? We’ll learn from leaders who’ve been around long enough to tell great stories and teach valuable lessons of what makes or breaks an enterprise’s UX capabilities over the long haul.

Theme #4 will be led by USAA’s Colette Vardeman, with presentations by Kaaren Hanson (Facebook), Bob Schwartz (GE Healthcare), and Sam Yen (SAP).